SIG Stock Adapter for SIG Rifles

SIG Stock Adapter for SIG Rifles

Price: $84.95
  • Item #: DDSGADTM401
  • Manufacturer: DDLES
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Allows attachment of any AR-15 Stock to the SIG 556 Classic or 522 rifle.

Material: 6061-T6511

Coating: Type III Hard Coat Black Anodize

Fabrication: CNC machined

Includes installation instructions.

Please select rifle type so the correct latch button can be included.

Accepts Mil-Spec or Com-Spec Receiver Extension/Buffer Tubes.

Stock adapter can be configured for non-folding for compliance with laws in select states.

Stock kits include all the necessary parts to install the stock to the rifle. (Buffer tube, Castle nut, Endplate and Stock)



Please note that SIG has changed the dimensions of the latch interface on newer SIG 556 rifles, and you may be required to use the factory SIG latch button in the adapter on newer SIG 556 rifles.  If you encounter any problems relating to the fit or function of our stock adapter in these rifles, please contact DDLES customer service to provide a solution.


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